Thursday, December 18, 2008


My latest entry in Alison Tyler's blog contest was an interesting writing exercise because spanking holds no erotic anything for me. Oh, I've read plenty of spanking stories that have gotten me hot, but it's not because of the smack, but other elements. I almost passed this contest by - glad I didn't. Not only did I write one, but I decided to write it from the male perspective and I have to say I liked it. And I guess other people did too, it got 4 votes! So here it is:

Brand Spanking New
© Robin Elizabeth

Hard to believe I was about to do this. Slowly, she lifted her skirt, turned and bent herself over my anxious lap. her bare ass mesmerized me. Spanking had never held any attraction for me before. My parents had only raised their hands at us in anger and it seemed rather odd to me that anybody would find it erotic. But Janie, my new girlfriend was about to change all that. For her it was a turn-on like no other.

Her: "You need to know - umm - I like to be spanked - yes, spanked - I love the sting of a bare-handed smack on my ass - hard enough to heat the skin - then have fingernails gently trail across the redness before sliding between my legs."

Me: Speechless. Not really shocked, but disconcerted. Mouth gone dry. Unexpectedly getting hard. Wow.

When I admitted my ambivalence, she'd lent me on of her collections of stories. Obviously in hopes of sparking my interest. I did find them arousing. More so than I cared to admit. But she could tell. So here we were, her luscious rump waiting, her breath quickening, my heart beating faster. I raised my hand.
 © Robin Elizabeth. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without prior written permission from the author. 

One of the many topics I intend on musing on in this blog is how and why my mind conjures these erotic images that I then feel compelled to put  into words. The whole "why write it" thing - why not? Why is writing sex  - not "about" sex - but actually writing sex (it turns you on, right?) not taken as seriously? I'm quite interested in improving my erotic writing, just as I am in my other writing. Well, I'd muse more right now, but I need to go work on my next entry in Alison's blog contest. 

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