Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'tis the season

I just finished putting the lights on our tree. Yeah, in many household's it's the "mans" job - but not in ours. The lights are my domain. We have cats, three of them, the youngest only about 6 months old. We put the tree up bare for a day or two, then add the lights. Ornaments will get put on when the college kid comes home. The cats are dangerous - we always lose a few ornaments each year. We've learned to put the expendable ones low and the sentimental ones higher up and very secure. Our fat cat just likes to sit and look at the lights. She seemed downright pleased to see me get out the strands tonight.

So now I'm sitting and having a nice cup of tea, listening to Winter Solstice, enjoying the lights - I have some candles going too - on this dark cold night. There's snow and sleet due tonight. Hoping to get cozy with my guy later - if he finishes up in Santa's Workshop before I start fading. For some reason the past couple of days I've been thinking back to our first Christmas - though we didn't spend the holiday together - we had our respective families to go "home" to - though we were fairly new lovers. What I remember about that year was our first Christmas tree and rolling around on the living room floor with it nearby and a fire in the fireplace. Lots of kissing. For some reason I remember the kissing more than the sex. Isn't that funny?

Yeah, my mind often turns to sex. My husband has always said I have a "one track mind" and it's true. But I've also tended to be shy - so most people had no clue. Still don't. Oh, my writing friends know - hard for them to not, what with the subject matter I tend towards. But this is new, this blogging stuff, and sending my erotica (though I kinda like the word smut) out into the world. I'm sitting here wondering what those friends I share this with will think. Actually I think they'll be thrilled for me. 

Now, folks like my sister. Ahem. The other day I listened politely as she went on about the internet and how she thinks there's too much weird stuff - teens posting pictures of themselves naked for all to see - and that some things should be "private." I sat there wondering what she would think if she knew about this blog, and about me starting to send out erotic stories in - heaven help us! -hopes of getting them published. Her and I have never talked about sex other than peripherally. She's older, but that shouldn't matter. I doubt she will find out, so I'm not worried about it. And I wouldn't be doing this if I was afraid of people finding out. Fuck the fear.

So instead of visions of sugarplums, I'm thinking up some icy hot winter stories. Something to wile away these long, dark nights. 

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