Saturday, December 13, 2008

Not quite a virgin blogger

About five years ago I started a blog, kept at it for less than a month or so. Don't think anybody ever read it - it was borrrrrriiiiinnnngggg. So I'm not really a virgin when it comes to blogging, but I'm sure not very experienced. But since I started taking my writing of erotica seriously and finally started submitting it, well, I figured this was a way for me to muse away the minutes as I started out on this smutted road. And to have a "presence" - since I have to keep this area of my life a bit separate from others (I am a mom of kids old enough to be absolutely mortified - in other words "young adults" which means that they just don't want to think about, much less know about what their mom is thinking about and writing about). 

So, this is all pretty new to me - should be interesting. 

One of my first forays was a story, Hole in the Wall, I entered in the Motel Sex contest at Alison Tyler's blog. It got three whole votes!

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