Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Still Pretty New Year!

Well, I just sent off my very first "official" - or whatever you want to call it - submission of my erotica for an anthology. I'd say "wish me luck" but at this point I kinda think I'm talking to myself here. But this was a big step for me. So I'll toot my own horn. The thing I worried about the most was all those little stupid things that are so easily overlooked like an extra space or two periods. And of course I could revise forever. But there comes a time to set it free. 

Wow. I fucking did it! I sent off a piece of my dirty writing in hopes that maybe somebody else will like it too. Now onto more mundane things like going to the grocery store. 


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations on the new blog and the first submission—hooray!

EllaRegina said...


There is always a beginning. There must be. It marks a "before" or an "up until then." After that, you are no longer a beginner.

Best of luck!

Erobintica said...

Jeremy - thank you! You're my first comment - wow, you should get a prize or something - maybe I'll name a character after you. ;-)

Erobintica said...

Thank you EllaRegina!

So true, so true. Yeah, I think I spent too many years waiting for "something" to happen before I did things - the result being I kept putting those things off. In this case the "thing" was my erotica. So far I'm having a blast.