Sunday, July 4, 2010

You were expecting fireworks?

This post is not about July 4th which is today's date.
It's not about fireworks, though that's a picture of a sparkler bomb my husband made a few years ago and we will set off some "fountains" in our backyard, including a sparkler bomb (though we don't try to blow anything up with them).
I'm not sure what it's about. It's been one hell of a week/month/year/decade/lifetime.
Not sure what I'm going to do today. As soon as I post this I'll go take a walk, even though it's getting pretty hot out. Then I don't  know what. Some laundry, since I can only do one load a day (we have septic issues, that's part of the month hell). There's no party planned. No cookouts with friends. It'll be just like any other day around here, except for the backyard pyrotechnics.
That doesn't make me happy. But it is what it is.
Happy 4th.


Jo said...

There's something wilting about non-celebration. I've had a lot of it too, in the last few years.

Can you find a party to go to? Have an impromptu one? Bake a cake? Get drunk?

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Aww.... no cookout with friends? I'm sure you can have a mini-party by yourself with a few beers and delivered pizza! Maybe rent a movie?

I love July 4th because of the fireworks. We don't usually do anything either, but this year we're going to a dinner party. As long as I see fireworks, that counts as "festive" for this holiday, haha!

Happy 4th!

Kam said...

I'm feeling vaguely melancholy, too (at least that's how I take your post), but that's just where today seems to be taking me. Not unhappy, not sad, just kind of reflective and melancholy in a general and not too painful way. See you @ CTLX in 3 weeks!

Danielle said...

ah robin...i hope that day wasntb too bad in the end...

what makes the life so hart lately and please..what is a think i know what it is but i dont know its conection to loads of launvdry...

Erobintica said...

Hey, thanks everyone for commenting. I did read them, but I couldn't think of anything to say. The evening was fine. Fireworks and watermelon and chocolate. Etc.

Jo, it was nice to see you post over at WWAATD!

Veg (lol), yeah, fireworks is a must.

Kam. Yeah. See ya. :-)

Danielle, oh, so much to explain. And I sure don't want to go into an explanation of septic systems here, LOL. But too much laundry = backed up septic system into our basement (and it's not only wash water that backs up). Okay, see? I told you, LOL. TMI