Friday, April 17, 2009

Getcha Motor Runnin

Okay, P.S. Haven's got a car thing goin, and yesterday I'd planned on doing this post for today - BEFORE he posted today. So to steal a line from him - that's awesome on so many levels - here is one of my all-time-favorite driving songs. MTST!

I was trying to find a picture online of the first car I drove (easier than digging through old photos and scanning) - but had no luck. If memory serves me correctly, it was a 1970 Mustang Grande Coupe, pumpkin orange with one of those black vinyl fake half roof thingies (technical term). It wasn't mine - it was mom's (an automatic) and it was the car I learned to drive in and was lucky enough to get to drive to school my last year of high school. It actually had an AM/FM radio and I listened to (and stuck a bumper sticker on - wish I still had it) this radio station...
Okay - so fast forward to present day - here's a piece I wrote a few years ago, then recently revised - from my car's point of view.

Auto Erotic

I make her pulse race. She gets wet when she lays eyes on me across a crowded parking lot. Thinks I have cute eyes, but doesn’t mind if I wink at others of my kind. She knows I’m hers. In truth, I know she revels in the longing, lustful glances I get. Loves to overhear comments people make when they don’t realize she’s with me. Yes, I know she’s possessive, doesn’t like to share. I like it that way though.

She bathes me lovingly, won’t allow other hands to do this intimate job. Takes warm soapy water, gently washes off the grime that comes from long days on the road. Then she rinses me in clear water, cool as it runs down my sides. Takes a towel to me, tracing my curves with such attention, I can’t help but shine. She’ll lift my bonnet, wipe my plugs and play with my dipstick. It tickles when she pulls stray leaves out of my grill. Sometimes she gets down and dirty, rubbing between my spokes to clean off brake dust. Sometimes she reaches up into my wheel wells, getting at places others can’t see. And I love it when she polishes my chrome tailpipe. Inside and out.

She frets over small blemishes, evidence of an active life. But they are just on the surface. Underneath, I am healthy and virile. But oh … when she comes inside, sinks into my hide, turns me on, gets me hot. When she takes off the brakes, goes all out. Well, that is when I truly come alive. Sometimes she is gentle with me, coaxing me with subtleness. Letting me take my time. Sometimes she pushes me to go fast, pull a few Gs around some tight corner, then presses to go even faster. When I do eventually slow down, as I have to sometimes, I find myself burbling my regret at having to ease up. But I always stop when she tells me to.

Yeah, that's mine...
quite a story too 


Aisling Weaver said...

That is awesome, Robin! Well all the double entendres ;)

And I love the car - ok...fess up...what's with the blue cones?


Unknown said...

Oh, wow! That was killer! Great story. I honestly don't think I've ever read one from the car's pov. That's one of those "damn, why didn't I think of that?!?" ideas.
And yeah, what's up with the cones? Love those Minis.
And did the '70 have bench seats?

Sommer Marsden said...

so...the cones!? what about 'em.

what fun!

Erobintica said...

JM - thanks - that was full of the DTs - hehe.

Blue cones? what blue cones? ;-)

pshaven - Thanks. That was a reject that I decided to just go ahead and publish here. As for the '70, (I think it was a '70) nope, it had bucket seats.

Hi Sommer! - what blue cones?

sorry, I'm in a mood, it's Friday - maybe later. ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

I seem to remember someone in my school who had a gold '70 Mustang Grande. I think it had a half a vinyl roof just over the front of it?

Nice Story!

Nice Mini!

Nice (imaginary) blue cones!

Verification word: jacker

jacker up!

Erobintica said...

Hi Craig - haha, I was just over at your blog reading comments when I was notified you'd left a comment here - hahaha.

Well, I'd never call that color (on the one I drove) gold, but that sounds like the same model.

And thanks!

Cora Zane said...

Great story, Robin! Makes me want to go out and hug Mustard the Jeep. :*)

Jeremy Edwards said...

We're supposed to read that piece in the voice of William "Kitt the Car" Daniels, right?

Just kidding. Verrrrry sexy story.

Emerald said...

Delightful!! Thanks for sharing Robin!

Erobintica said...

Cora - hope your Jeep enjoyed the hugs.

Jeremy - I had NO idea what the hell your were talking about - haha - had to google - never watched that show - sorry - tis lost on me. But thanks!

Thanks Emerald.

*waiting for someone to make a guess as to the cones*

Unknown said...

So, the cones. I'm going to say the Mini was starring in a photoshoot, and the cones were to let the city know not to tow it away. Or something.

Erobintica said...

hey pshaven - very very very close!

that pic was taken during the lunch break during a day of film shooting where my car was the "star" - they actually had someone guard it while everyone went to lunch - hahaha! I got paid $500 for the day but whatever it was that was being filmed (a pilot for something) never happened. They used the blue cones to mark all the corners on the street in Manhattan - they would disappear - the whole blue screen thing. It was a very cool day - hanging on the film set with a walkie talkie - seeing the stunt driver zoom my car up an alley -"good brakes" - they filmed from inside the car too - sitting in the big RV thingy (brain fart) - I don't know who the people "stars" were - I gather they were TV folks, but I don't watch and haven't for years so some huge TV star could walk smack into me and I wouldn't know.

Anyhow - it was fun - it was a few years ago - they've only called me one other time and I wasn't available. Or, my car wasn't - hehe

Luckily my car never got too big of a head. ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh, wow! Damn, I was close, huh? That's a great story. Sucks the pilot never got made. (makes me think of Jules trying to explain pilots to Vincent in Pulp Fiction...)

Unknown said...

Woops. I mean Vincent trying to explain to Jules...Right? Hell I can't remember now.
Yeah, because Vincent was taking Mia out...yeah, yeah.

Erobintica said...

Hey, pshaven, here's another picture I posted of blue cones. I'd forgotten about that.

Donna said...

Late again to the party, but I LOOOVVE Mini Coopers and always let the cool people in my stories drive them. So fun that yours was almost a TV star.

I really love your the auto erotica. Very sympathetic male voice--cause he's just so appreciative of what he gets ;-).

Erobintica said...

Donna, it's okay - better late than never ;-)

Hey, come visit and you can get a ride in it!