Thursday, November 3, 2011

In the dark

On Oct. 29 the snow started to fall. The next morning we had 9 inches. The heavy, wet snow took down lots of limbs and trees. Power was out to just about the whole town for days. We were out for 5 days. It came on last night at 9:30pm. Still no internet (I'm uploading this from a place with wifi). That'll be another few days, based on our experience after Tropical Storm Irene came through two months ago (this was much worse). When it's cold and you don't have the "comforts of home" - it makes so much about our lives seem rather pointless. It took hours of my day just to take care of basic necessities (water, light, warmth, food). And it was just me and my husband. Thank goodness for cell phones. Those were our only way to get in touch with our kids at college (also affected by storm). I'm rethinking a lot. It will be interesting to see what the future brings.


Kam said...

Nice pictures: wondering where your rethinking is leading you. Maybe in your next blog post?

Emerald said...

An interesting occurrence at an interesting time for you, it seems. I've found you in my consciousness quite a bit the last week or so. Wondering how you're doing...miss you and love you.

Big hugs.