Friday, September 23, 2011

Being social.

I was one of those many folks complaining loudly about the changes to Facebook this week. I'd not had much sleep the night before after traveling to and from Philly for The Erotic Literary Salon. I was in no shape on Wednesday morning to figure out what the hell they'd done. But now, with some sleep, and probably way too much time spent on the site, I think I've figured a few things out and actually find myself liking some of the new features.

The thing I like the most is that it is now easier to make lists of folks for sharing purposes. I'd tried before, but there was no easy way. But now I have an "erotica blog folks" list so that I can share these blog posts as well as posts from other folks that I've wanted to share, but didn't think my kids or old co-workers of my husband would care to see. That I found, was putting a serious damper on my Erobintica activities. And yeah, I know that I could have customized each post, but that's too much work! Easier to just not hit "share."

So, today I'm able to write this and share it. And I went in and checked something so that the buttons to share these posts (on Facebook or Twitter, etc.) show up. Gee. Duh. Did I think about that before? Nooooooooo.

Later today I hope to post about how the ELS reading went. But I must do some "real" work first.

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