Monday, February 14, 2011

To the heart

This is my third Valentine's Day post here at Erobintica. In 2009 I was still very new at this blogging thing, with only a couple of months under my belt.  Last year, I posted a picture of a bright red lily, and wrote a poem (which I centered on the "page" despite really not liking centered poems - it just seemed appropriate), so I think I'll do that again this year. About ten days later I posted about my actual Valentine's Day evening activity (trying out Susie Bright's I Dare You cards). Don't think I'll have anything quite so interesting to post about tomorrow, other than my insane attempt to bang out a story on deadline for Kristina Wright's steampunk erotica call.

So, without further ado... 

Flushed crimson, scarlet, palest pink
lovers dream of lovers, of touch
fingers on convex, in concave
pressure, sensitive
capillary lust
awaken to the dream
pulse to feed what is alive
come, be not afraid of what lies ahead

Happy Valentine's Day!


Craig Sorensen said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful poem.

Thanks for sharing them!

And a happy Valentine's day to you!

Erobintica said...

thanks Craig.

Emerald said...

Beautiful. Happy belated Valentine's Day, Robin!