Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today, a poem I wrote, stories eat me, was posted by Shanna Germain at her blog. It's a "cut up" poem, based on some of the search terms that land folks on my blog, specifically, one certain post. That post was the one I did for the Blow Hard Tour 2009, on April 2 of that year. It was titled Today's Lesson: Swallow one's sword and other euphemisms for sucking cock.

Yes, I used that word, cock, in my poem. I used a lot of other words too. None of them were my words, but rather folks looking for things like "cock sucking lessons" that I combined to make a poem that I hope also makes a statement.

I posted a link to some folks. I got a comment from one person that they were "shocked." And I understand how they could be shocked. They are acquainted with me "in real life" and I guess I don't seem to be that kind of person. But then I wondered, why was my poem shocking?

Is it because I used words like cock, dick, and penis? Is it because of the sucking? I also used the phrase eat me. Innocent enough words separately, but together? Is it because I didn't use any of the euphemisms?

I've written a fair share of "erotic" poetry. Some of it is all metaphor. Some not at all. Some more graphic than others. Those were finalists at the 2010 Seattle Erotic Art Festival's Literary Art Showcase. By now most people know I write this kind of stuff, even my kids.

So, I'm pondering this.

In the past, I was hesitant. I did not use my real name. Now I do. In the future, I'll be writing more about how sex figures in this writing thing. I want to write about stuff I'm interested in. And, I happen to be interested in sex.

Earlier today I was reading this article from last year; When Women Write About  Their Sex Lives. Some folks think it never should be done. That "that" is private and should be left that way. There's a lot of slut-shaming that goes on.

I'm wondering how I'll react when, not if, someone tries to slut-shame me.


Jo said...

REmember Alison's post about her ShockedPeach friend? They're everywhere, I suppose, and it's all about their own shock, not whatever they find that trigers it!

Erobintica said...

Yeah Jo, I do remember that (think it happened about the time I started reading there). I've had a couple of friends be "surprised" when I told them I write erotica and do this blog, but this was the first "shocked."

I think if I had of gotten that earlier on it might have made more of an impact. I might have gone off to hide for a bit. But not now. I just found it interesting.

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