Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lazy blog post

Well, I was going to do something, but it's late, and I keep doing it wrong because I'm tired. So, this is going to be my blog post for today. Tomorrow it will be much more interesting. ;-)


Kam said...

I've decided that, despite the fact that I really, really, really need to be in bed, I am going to instead, just to irritate and annoy you, leave a comment that is, at least by my count, substantially longer then your whole blog post for the day (although possibly less interesting, now that I look at it - that's the trouble with writing comments when it's well past my bedtime, I've closed down 3 dance venues in 3 days, and the only thing I managed to cut out of my schedule was sleep, because I had to work since I'm leaving town in the morning, provided that I can get up.). Hope you have time to ready this massively long comment, use it as inspiration for a cool blog post tomorrow, if you dare!

Erobintica said...

LOL@ Kam. The challenge is on!

Janine Ashbless said...

Heehee. I know the feeling, Robin!