Saturday, February 12, 2011

A few things to read

Today I'm just going to post some links to stuff I've read lately that either I enjoyed or got me thinking.

Just read a few minutes ago, so of course it's first: Every Time You Orgasm, An Angel Gets It's Wings by Heidi Anderson over at Good Vibrations Magazine. Thank you to Emerald, who linked to this in her wonderful Recommended Reading series (every Wednesday) at her blog The Green Light District.

This wonderful post, Brainstorming, over at Sharazade's blog.  How would you handle being outed as an erotica writer? Assuming you did not necessarily want to be outed.

A lovely rant from Janine Ashbless; Family Matters. I just loved this:
"spends his whole screen time submitting patiently to the impossible demands of her ridiculous tribe of relatives, because he loves her sooo much ... and I just thought, 'Oh, for fuck's sake grow a pair.' "

How men's and women's sexuality is alike. Emily Nagoski ::sex nerd:: both alike in dignity.

Another wonderful rant. The Vegetarian Cannibal watches a film and wonders 'when did "bisexuality" become such a dirty word?' Puccini for beginners (Rant).

Okay, that's probably enough to keep ya busy the rest of the night.

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Emerald said...

Thank you Robin. :) I really liked Heidi Anderson's piece too and am so glad you enjoyed it.