Friday, February 4, 2011

Some wood, some links, some thoughts

Some wood.
Here are the haiku I came up with to go with the pictures I posted yesterday. From top to bottom (always good, hehehe):

eye to peckered hole
what lies beneath the tough skin
hint of dark bud there

moist as my cool skin
fleshy cream crenulations
gather on the wood

bulbous gathering
at base of the woody shaft
always erotic

this tree spirit rests
waits for sap to rise again
hope springs eternal

That was kind of cool. Reminded me of last year when I wrote a poem a day and posted them here.

Some links.
Today I read something that warmed my socked-in-by-snow-and-below-zero-temps soul. Gina Marie, who always has the most luscious photos at her Aphrodite's Table blog, had said that I inspire her. This is apparently the result. ha! I just typed reslut by mistake. 

I just stumbled upon this fascinating online magazine today. Sex + Design. According to their "About" page,
To us, the word “Sex” represents the debaucherous, messy, fun and impulsive side of life while “Design” stands for purpose, articulation, sophistication and beauty.

Awhile back, Jo sent a link to this Tumblr blog: Voluptua. I visit it every now and then. It's really quite exquisite.
Voluptuous woman, reclaiming the beauty in curves and softness. Many of the images here will feature nudity. Just so you know...

Some thoughts.
Something is happening right now. In my life. I feel like I'm traveling a road and there's all these road signs pointing the way I need to go. Things that I'd put off doing, and thought were lost causes, have come back around, and I'm excited. New opportunites.

I've found I can sink to the bottom, but will always float back to the surface, able to breathe. I can be tired, knowing I'll be able to rest. I will cry, but the tears will dry, and salt is good.


Craig Sorensen said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the different things you have been posting, but these Haiku were awesome!

I'm particularly fond of:

this tree spirit rests
waits for sap to rise again
hope springs eternal

A very classic style Haiku.

Keep posting!

Emerald said...

Beautiful and interesting, Robin.

When I read your blog last night I wrote a little haiku in relation to the first picture. :) I feel a little self-conscious about posting it—I don't claim to be any kind of an expert in haiku, lol!

Also—you inspire me all the time. I invite you to take a moment and truly appreciate your own beauty.

Erobintica said...

Post it! Post it! Please!!!!!!

Emerald said...

LOL. Okay, that response seriously cracked me up.

Ack. Seriously, I feel nervous and self-conscious. honor of what I offered to you in my last comment about appreciating yourself, I will "walk the talk," if you will, and post something here even though I feel self-conscious about it.

Response to the first photograph:

Hole, looks innocent
On second glance, drilled and raw
Breathing gets deeper

I much appreciate all of yours, by the way!

Erobintica said...

oh my Em, that one gave me the vapors! ;-)

"drilled and raw" - seriously, your haiku is hot!

Craig Sorensen said...

Oh yeah, Em, that was awesome.

Don't feel self conscious.

Seriously, too often people worry about right and wrong in poetry.

I think poetry is a writer's way of painting, and as long as it's right for you, this will come through to others.

Like Robin and me, for example!

Share more poetry...

Erobintica said...

Oh Craig, I soooooo agree that poetry is a writer's way of painting.

Anonymous said...

Love the haikus Robin! The one Craig mentioned above is my fav as well. It takes a lot of discipline to post something every day for a month, my hat's off to you.

@Emerald - Very nice...and very erotic! And ditto what Craig said about feeling self-conscious. Your genuineness comes through in everything you write.

Emerald said...

Well, wow...I am seriously blushing. Thank you all so much. (Really, I'm red here.) Thank you for the inspiration (see, there's another time!), Robin!