Monday, February 7, 2011

In actuality

I love serendipity. I was re-reading an archived article at The Atlantic, thinking I'd talk about that here at my blog (I still will, but another day). At the bottom of the page are random "More at the Atlantic" links to other features. One of the links was to Ways of Showing/Ways of Seeing, the second in a series of guest blog posts by Tony Comstock of Comstock Films fame.

In Ways of Seeing/Ways of Showing, he writes about Actualities, "simple, direct, filmed accounts of an action or activity: a dancer dancing, a bustling city street, etc."

His first guest blog post introduced what he is planning to writing about from now through February 13:
"Between now and then what I'd like to do is expand on the concept of Climax Ecology as it applies to explicit sexuality in cinema."
This sounds fascinating to me, and I will definitely be reading each installment this week.

UPDATE: Here's a link to a post that has links to all his guest blog posts there.

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