Monday, February 21, 2011

A departure of sorts, though maybe not

When thinking about what I realized I had to write about today, this image of a woodpecker designed birch log came to mind. Because something I read this morning made me want to beat my head against something, repeatedly, in the hopes of knocking it all out of my brain. So this rant will probably be a departure of sorts from my usual writing here. Though I'm probably the worst judge of what I write.

What I read was about a certain Georgia House Republican (I'm not linking or even writing his name because I don't want to be linked to this foolishness) who has introduced a bill to the state that includes something that basically says that all miscarriages would need to be investigated (just to make sure they weren't really an abortion, which of course the bill is outlawing, etc. etc. ad nauseum).

Yeah, this is insanity. It has no chance in hell of passing (let's hope). But still. Even though I don't reside in the state, never have and never will, I felt personally attacked. Because I am a woman who had a miscarriage. 

That miscarriage happened almost twenty years ago. It was traumatic, both for me and my family. It happened at home. So, under the provisions of this bill, I would have had to have been investigated! My mind boggles! 

How can ANYONE think this would be a good idea? And as this comes on the heels of all the other anti-women legislation and news at home and abroad happening recently, I can't help but feel the threat, just because I am a woman.

So, I'm waiting for them to bring back burning at the stake


Jo said...

Well, that's just horrific. What fresh hell is this? I can't imagine what that would do to women, to fathers, to families.

Rose said...

I'm waiting for BRANDING. Since we're apparently breeding stock. (as long as we're white).

Craig Sorensen said...

That is truly awful. I know a few things about the emotional effects of miscarriages, and I can't imagine how some moron could feel just in investigating them.

He's essentially condoning the notion of guilty until proven innocent. Terrible.