Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting Wet in Suite 69

Over at Donna George Storey's illustrious blog, Sex,Food and Writing, there's been a steady stream of folks in and out of Suite 69 treating us to an international erotic smorgasbord of hotels. Today I join in the fun with Hot Shower at the Kabuki Hotel.

When Donna asked if I wanted to take part in this "literary orgy" (as EllaRegina put it), I immediately thought of the flasher entry I had up at Alison Tyler's blog at that time. The voting wasn't over so I had to wait to send Donna my piece and in the meantime remembered I had pictures from our stay at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco last summer. So head over there to enjoy the tea and sweet bean cakes - oh and some Pulsating Jets. Thanks Donna!

Oh, and if that wasn't enough, the wild and wonderful Kirsten Monroe posted the haiku I wrote in response to the lovely calla lily photo poem challenge she posted a week ago. Thanks, KM!

And coming up on Monday is the next dance at the Beginner's Ball, which will be hosted by Marina St. Clare. 


Neve Black said...

Nice job. I really enjoyed your piece, Robin!!

Erobintica said...

Thanks Neve!

Emerald said...

I really liked your story at Donna's blog, Robin. Thanks for sharing!

Jade said...

Hi I just wanted to say (as well as at Sex, Food and Writing, in case you didn't see my comment there) that I really enjoyed your hotel story!


Erobintica said...

Thanks Emerald!

& hi Jade! Welcome and thanks!