Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's Pretend

That the ground isn't covered with snow and the temperature isn't 5 degrees. That I don't have a cold. 

That this picture was taken yesterday and not several years ago in another place in another month (April on Block Island).

Later today I'm going to do a bunch of writing - have to. Some deadlines are approaching and I've let too many things distract me. I've also used the weather and my cold as an excuse for not writing something (can't focus, too fuzzy-brained) - something that likely will be difficult to write - lots of self-examination and all that. Why do we write? That's not the question - well, it is sorta - but sometimes I wonder what it is that causes us (writer types) to sit down with notebook & pen or at the keyboard and spit out these words - when other "normal" people are going shopping or watching their favorite TV show or volunteering at the senior center. 

Yesterday Shanna Germain pondered submission (as in saying goodbye to a piece of writing and sending it out into the cold, cruel world). Today Nikki Magennis considers the money angle (and points to some interesting articles) - "are we all just grubby whores?"  I'm sure there's other writer/bloggers out there musing on this stuff, but I don't have the time to find them. I have to get bundled up to go out in the cold for something I do in "real" life. Today I'd rather pretend to be a writer.


T. Elle Harrison said...

Good luck! I have a few submission goals that I want to meet before the end of the month too.

The snow is melting down here also. This weekend is supposed to be 75. How bazaar...I'll never get used to this southern weather. The week before it snowed it was 60. Good news is, I'll be in Miami at the end of the month!

Erobintica said...


umm, that's all I can say

75? wow