Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slimy Spineless Dickheads

 I love nature! Weird and wonderful. Not sure I'd agree that these are some of the world's most terrifying penises - they're actually quite beautiful.
The narrator is hilarious - Wild Kingdom was never like this!


Craig Sorensen said...

In a video chock full of quotables, top of the list is "and that, believe it or not, is when the weird shit begins."

That was awesome, Robin. Thanks for sharing.

Erobintica said...

Yeah Craig - that was one of the possible blog titles - "when the weird shit begins" - but I like what I went with. I've watched that video a number of times since I first saw it yesterday - I can't believe it's the first time this guy has done a video - hope he does more. The writing on his site is hysterical too.

EllaRegina said...

What a fabulous find! If only they'd shown a video like that in science class. I might have been more interested.

Erobintica said...

EllaRegina - yeah. Too bad teenagers under 18 can't see the Museum of Sex exhibit - Sex Lives of Animals - it would be soooooooo enlightening.

I've been told that he's posted more of these vids since I found this - haven't had the time to check it out though yet.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Oh my god! LOL! That was positively the coolest thing I've seen ALL week! Hahaha! Not nearly as tame as the snails on my blog!!! :D

Thank you for linking this...you've made my day, ahahahahaha!