Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coming Soon - Blow Hard Tour 2009 - We Will Rock You

Be careful of what you say if you're a friend of an erotica-writing blogger - small comments can grow to enormous proportions - quickly.

So, Sommer Marsden - Smut Girl Extraordinaire - has come up with a blog tour to blow all the others out of the water - 

Beginning March 31 at a blog near you.
Here's the lip-smacking line up (subject to change)
March 31: Sommer Marsden
April 1: Alison Tyler
April 2: Dakota Rebel
April 3: Yours truly
April 4: Cora Zane
April 5: Heidi Champa
April 6: EllaRegina
April 8: Emerald
April 10: Isabel Kerr
April 11: Neve Black
More details to come - of course! In the meantime - enjoy some hot bagpiping.


Smut Girl said...

excellent! love the pipes ;)
oh wow. that sounded dirty but i truly meant the um...bagpipes.

Erobintica said...

just look up bagpipe in your nearest erotic thesaurus ;-)

I almost died and went to heaven when I found this video!

EllaRegina said...

I'm just lying on the ground looking under the kilts as the men pass by. Don't mind me!

Emerald said...

Lol!! "Hot bagpiping"! Hahahaha! That was a riot. Good stuff Robin. :)

Cora Zane said...

Now I've got to check out bagpipes in the ol' erotic thesaurus. I've got all kinds of interesting visuals rolling around in my head.

BTW, my word veri is ballst.

I guess that's kinda like...ER and Cora were checking under the mens kilts for dirks, but all we could see were the ballst. ^_^

Erobintica said...

EllaRegina, as long as they don't trip over you I think all will be fine. ;-)

Emerald - I watched several "We will rock you" played on bagpipes - but this was the best.

Cora - that's hysterical! hehehe