Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really not that neat

It all started over at Alison Tyler's blog - nasty pictures of bare, raw words - sent in by the writers of those words - in notebooks, on papers, with drawings, without. Soon a new blog was born, Scruffy Jottings About Filth. So, how could I resist? First AT turned me into a button slut, now I sent her a picture of my surprisingly un-scruffy jottings. And really, I'm not that neat. My notebooks are hardly legible at times. But every now and then I get into a groove and I just write and what shows up on the page is pretty neat. And ya know, I'd never really noticed that before. But honestly, I'm not all that neat - my handwriting is pretty lousy - oh, it looks good from a distance, hehehe. But sometimes I have trouble reading it. But I know, you don't believe me. 

The little notebooks are really just that - NOTE books. I carry one with me all the time - in my purse on in my pocket when I don't have a purse with me. When I walk I'll get ideas and I keep a little golf pencil tucked in the notebook so I can jot whatever it is down. Then the white-paged notebook is an old one - from 1991, when I wrote the story that eventually will be published in Coming Together: Al Fresco. The other notebook has some of the writing exercises I did in Rachel Kramer Bussel's Erotica 101 class. Umm, maybe it's just that I'm neat when I'm writing about sex. ??? Interesting. 

Anyhow - I figure I'm in trouble now - AT has a new blog, The Boudoir Blog, and she wants pictures of our beds. And do I have the picture for that! 


Smut Girl said...

yes I am *still* waiting for you to post that elusive writing assignment. Heh the devil, have i said? :)

Erobintica said...

hahaha - don't worry, I'll get around to it. and yes, you've said ;-)