Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF indeed. Bring on the meat!

It's Friday and the feasting has begun! Meet you in the Mojave Desert for Kirsten Monroe's mouth-watering chipotle chile rubbed lamb chops with a cherry pinot sauce. MMmmmmmmmmmm 

But that's not all! First we can go skinny dipping in Cunning Gila Hot Springs while listening to Kirsten read to us. The revels continue over at the tent strewn with pillows to enjoy the main course with some potato dumplings in mole sauce (ooo, I love!), the wonderful wines and the entertainment. Maybe a naked run in the desert afterwards.

Oh, and to answer a very thought-provoking question. With enough wine, I'm sure the discussion will last into the wee hours. But it's Friday. We can sleep in before heading over to Donna George Storey's for the vegetarian course tomorrow.

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