Monday, January 26, 2009

Erotic Paint Colors

Nothing puts me in a better mood than what some more polite folks would call an "off-color" joke. Today's Zits comic in the paper (for 1/26/2009) was wonderful - I'm almost waiting for the outraged letters - "how could you run this in a family newspaper" type. I love the paint name (you gotta read the comic) - "Twisted Nipple" - good thing I wasn't drinking coffee at the time. And it immediately made me want to start coming up with erotic paint color names - think I'll start a list. After I finish reading the rest of the comics.


Marina said...

"Twisted nipple?" That's just fabulous - such an image! Such a color! Thanks for stopping by my place - I've not been doing a great job at keeping up with the writing lately, too much crisis in the personal arena lately! Your blog is really blossoming, though - such a great job!
See you at the dinner party!

Erobintica said...

Marina - I haven't been able to think of anything that tops "twisted nipple" as a paint color. I'm probably gonna be clipping that one out of the newspaper.

Sorry to hear that life (which is crisis followed by crisis it seems most of the time) is cutting into your writing. Hope you get a break soon.

Ah, the dinner party - it's great fun already and we're only on appetizers!