Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welcome to the roller coaster

This morning I'm feeling much better - some good things are happening to help counteract the bad. I'm going to share what a friend said to me in an email I read first thing this morning. It put me in a better frame of mind and then I got an invitation that I might have turned down otherwise. I have a feeling that this is something we all (writers) need to hear every now and then.

"For you, I believe that writing is the right thing to do - even if you don't make any money from it. Not only do you need to write, all of us who read your writing need you to write - it's not fair for you to keep your gift from us, that is selfish and inexcusable. Please write, it's what needs to happen next. Write from the pit if you have to."

Thank you for that (you know who you are).  :-)

So now all I need is some TIME to write.

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