Friday, January 23, 2009

Just some winter bitching and moaning

This picture has nothing to do with today - it's just a picture I took last summer and there is no snow or ice or road sand/salt to be seen. I miss the Pacific.

It's been one of those days. Busy, but nothing accomplished - or at least nothing that I'd really wanted to do (write). And it's days like this that make me question how serious I am about this - I need to make the time, right? Part of it's having the kids around - my son had mid-terms this week so he had short days and my college-age daughter is heading back to school this weekend. When you all hear a loud yippee! - that'll be me. I love my kids, but...  having them constantly around is NOT conductive to getting caught up in writing erotica. And the bedroom door does not lock - my main writing area is a corner of my bedroom. But I've got so many ideas just vibrating in my brain that it's distracting and frustrating - mom - what's for dinner?   (and guess who just walked in?)

But today in the mail came a pretty package from Alison Tyler - this one for the "Tie me up, tie me down" story contest last year (that makes it sound soooooo far away). But I couldn't even open it right away because it was my 15 year old son who had brought in the mail -hahaha. "What's the package?" 

So, I've got a number of deadlines coming up in the next week or so and I'm thinking I'll have to lock up my car keys so I don't go anywhere - just strap me to my writing chair - hmmmm? 
And it's time to go make dinner - homemade clam chowder tonight - lots of cream.


Marina said...

Hey Robin - I can definintely sympathize! I've got a 16-yr-old daughter and a 5-yr-old son. It makes getting any writing done very difficult sometimes. But, good for you for keeping at it. Dinner sounds great, by the way!

Kirsten Monroe said...

It's been homework hell at our house lately. Sympathies from me. To you! I haven't been able to sneak out to the shed all week.

Spamword: burns

Cream rises to the top....enjoy!

Erobintica said...

Today I decided to do something about it and I rearranged my writing space (seeing Kirsten's and Craig's posted recently was inspiring) - and I moved furniture and books and notebooks and shelves, but now I have a space that feels much better. But I'm sore as hell!

Marina & Kirsten - ah, life with kiddies...