Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Now this is more like it!

For those of you who were somewhat disappointed with the inaugural poem by Elizabeth Alexander, here is one much more ... inspiring! I'd found it in The Best American Erotic Poems, edited by David Lehman.

I just loved this -  "new memory like a seltzer in my crotch."


Marina said...

Oh - that's much better! Thanks! I agree - the poem at the inauguration was disappointing.

So glad I can get to your blog again! I'm going to check now to see if I can get to Neve's - - -

Erobintica said...

I'm glad that worked Marina. This is definitely a learn as you go type operation around here. But I like learning new things!

EllaRegina said...

Wouldn't it have been great if she had read this that day? Haha! Oh well, I guess it wouldn't have been appropriate.