Sunday, April 19, 2009

false alarm

I'd thought this would be my 100th post. There was a post I didn't post - so my next post will be my 100th post.

here's what I wrote - I'm gonna leave it up. Shit, and I don't even have the excuse that Sommer has.

I didn't realize that until I went to type this. And all I'm doing is trying to play catch-up to getting my Trollop With A Laptop flasher contest entries caught up. All I can say is I'm having fun with this blog and am just tickled that folks are reading it and enjoying it. Even when it's a bit on the heavy duty side. I'm not at all organized with it. I've got all sorts of ideas for things I want to do with it. ;-)  

I do know that I want to get a new Beginner's Ball up - maybe tomorrow if I can get my shit together later to write it. And then this Wednesday - Earth Day - Coming Together: Al Fresco will be available - and my first long story, "Wet As Spring" will be published!!! I remember when I first announced it, April seemed so far away. Now it's here. So I gotta figure out something to do for that. And I need to get my ass in gear and submit more. It's almost as if I was waiting for it to come out to make sure this is all real. Okay, so it's still early on Sunday morning and I'm probably not making much sense.

And guess what? I really don't have time to post the story right now - I'll have to do that later. Wow - a hundred posts. I'm a blabbermouth aren't I?


JM Stone said...


Go Robin!!!! Yay!!!! For post the 100th post and the book! :D

Can't wait to see the next Beginner's Ball post either ;)

Ok...back to my coffee...and I really ought to come up with something for breakfast...I've been lost in blogland for a couple of hours now and I'm still not coherent!


JM Stone said...


Umm. That wasn't your hundredth post. Shit.


Guess I was a little umm...premature. Oops. ;)

Ok...definitely need another cup of coffee. While I sometimes can fuction in the morning, THIS one is apparently not one of those instances! that was just a practice one. But still, congrats on the book!!!!

Marina said...

Yay! 99 is good, too!! Can't wait to read the story! Let me know about the ball!

neve black said...

You can post twice on the same day, you know! ...99, 100!

Congratulations for being here. Congratulations for your story that's coming (cumming) out and pre-congratulations on that 100th post!

It's great having you out here in blogland. Your thoughts and ideas are wonderful. :-)

Donna said...

Yes, your blog is definitely one of my favorite places to stop by for smart, thought-provoking conversation. Congratulations on your upcoming pub--"Wet as Spring" sounds juicy!

Erobintica said...

Hey everybody!

JM - haha, you saw it while it still had the 100 post title. Um, I think I said shit and damn too. ;-)

*Waves to Marina*

Neve, I know I know I know - hahaha - and I'm bound and determined to get my 100th post up this evening!
And thanks! :-)

Donna, that's so nice of you. *blushes* Yeah, I'm excited.