Sunday, April 26, 2009

And now for a rush of words

I've been negligent in posting the flashers I've written for Alison Tyler's contests - partly because I have to use a different browser than the one I regularly use in order to paste into posts. So, I just don't bother and then weeks go by. I can be lazy at times. ;-)

So here's one, I can't even remember what it was called, but the point of it was to write from a different point of view - if female write from male, etc. and it was still in the theme of touching yourself. And I'm too lazy to go back searcing through AT's blog to find what it was called. So here it is.

Watching Her Leglock the Pillow

She said it’s not pretty. I said I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was watch her get off. She said she wasn’t sure she’d be able to with me there. Once she’d described how she masturbated. It sounded so deliciously primitive. Ever since, I’d been wanting to watch her. Kept asking her. Pleading really. So she finally gave in, said she’d try.

One night we were in bed reading, typical husband and wife stuff. She had one of her erotica collections. Me, a news magazine. Eventually I noticed her squirming. Glanced sideways at her. Saw her face, intent, glass of merlot held close to her lips. She must be reading a good part I thought. Wondered what was turning her on. She took a sip of wine, turned the page, moved her ass again. I heard an indrawn breath, saw her close the book.

She glanced at me. Without exchanging words we knew. I imagined her pussy wet. Left my bedside lamp on. At first she kept the cover pulled up, but I could see her hand move between her legs. Her eyes closed, her breathing became heavier. She flipped onto her stomach, grabbed a pillow, placed it folded between her legs. I carefully pulled the sheet back. With her face buried in the mattress, she frantically humped the pillow, making low, animalistic noises. Suddenly she grunted, held still, trembled as she came. That was fast.

And I was hard.

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