Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beginner's Ball AND Blow Hard Tour 2009 continues!

My, Saturday morning and I'm just dragging myself out of bed at 9:40am - and my brain hasn't really switched on yet. But, I need to direct your attention to two blogs today.

In alphabetical order:

Cora Zane's blog Stars Will Cry is the next stop on the Blow Hard Tour, and she has some Tour Bus Confessions. So grab a cup of coffee and head on over there. (talking to myself here, hehe)  The tour continues tomorrow over at Heidi Champa's and on till April 11. Full schedule of stops here. If you've missed any stops, feel free to play catch up. And thanks to everyone for stopping by here yesterday and having fun with me. 

Helia Brookes is the hostess with the dance moves today. The third installment of Beginner's Ball is over at her blog and she's telling us to Leave It All On The Floor! Today's topic is the wellspring of creativity.
The Beginner's Ball is a blog series by writers relatively new to the world of erotica - Helia Brookes, Marina St. Clare, and myself so far. We'd love to have others join in our dance. If you'd like to take your turn hosting, please contact one of us. Check out the first and second in the series, and please join us in the comments (at Helia's of course).

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