Sunday, April 26, 2009

[Deleted] Euphemisms

Okay, I'm getting antsy to get out and take a walk before it gets too damn hot, so here are two Alison Tyler flasher entries in one post. One was to use one of the euphemisms I'd listed when it was my turn on the Blow Hard Tour 2009. When AT posted the contest, she had this backgammon thing going and I couldn't get that out of my head. Hence the title of my first flasher here.

The other is a weird little number I did for the [Deleted] contest. There were so many wonderful entries by the time I got around to posting that I just went minimalist on everyone. It got three votes anyway!

Back Gammin’

Yeah, it was cold last night. When you crawled into bed, you were shivering. Disappointing meeting. Flight delayed. Long drive home. Heater not working in your car. But I was warm and waiting for you.

When I touched your skin, the chill and my craving combined to tighten my nipples. I covered your body with mine, an attempt to let some of my heat soak into your tiredness. You accepted my kisses as they traversed your landscape, let me know they were welcome.

I followed the dark trail of hairs from your navel to your hardening cock. Laid my head on your thigh, just breathing in your scents. The metallic tang of nervous sweat. The ripe aroma of jetting fatigue. The fragrance of desire, despite your cold weariness.

Your hand rested on my shoulder, then stroked the back of my neck. Encouragement. I tugged gently in the curly hairs, stroked light traces up and down with fingertips, pressed lightly at the slit, felt your wetness. My hand gently cradled your cock and brought it to my lips. I’d missed you.


You Will Be [Deleted]


You'll like being [deleted].


It's good to be [deleted].


Do you want to be [deleted]?

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