Monday, April 13, 2009

Kristina Lloyd gets a head shot

Back to the important stuff!

Today is the encore, encore day of the Blow Hard Tour 2009 - and we finish up with Kristina Lloyd giving thanks for giving head. You must go, because she has the most wondrous of head shots! She also has an excerpt that will help rid your mind of any problems of amazonian proportions. ;-) And if that's not enough for you, head over to Erotica Cover Watch.

And want to know who won the wondrous prize package? Head over to Smut Girl and find out. 

Whatever are we going to do with ourselves now???   ;-)


JM Stone said...

Yes, what are we going to do with ourselves now???

I've gotten rather comfy with my morning routine of BJs over coffee ;)


Erobintica said...

Well, I don't know what other folks are going to do, but I know I've been holding off on some posts until this was over - didn't want to distract anyone. ;-)

JM Stone said...

lol...well, at least I know I'll still have distractions ;)