Friday, April 24, 2009

After April Showers

The sun is warm today and this weekend we're supposed to get our first taste of real heat. But the other day it was cold and rainy. Must be Spring. 

I'm about to head outside (too bad not into the picture above), but I wanted to post an excerpt from my story that appears in the just-released Coming Together: Al Fresco, which you can purchase here.

From Wet As Spring by Robin Elizabeth

She stepped gently, pushing aside a fern that was as tall as her waist. She came to a shaded bower formed by the entangled branches of a myrtle and and old tanoak. In the shelter beneath the branches, clover clustered in the dapples of sun. She imagined deer bedding down here. She could hear the gushing of the stream, swollen with last week's rain. She reached up and plucked a leaf from the myrtle and crushed it between her fingers to release the sharp, pungent scent. She wished her husband was with her. At the thought, a flush spread over her whole body. I'll bring him here she thought.


She felt his hand moving slowly down across her stomach, down her thigh to the hem of her dress, then moving beneath the cloth, back up her leg. Her breath came faster and her muscles tightened in anticipation. But his hand steered wide and came up onto her belly. She quivered. He knew what this did to her, this teasing.

He unbuttoned the front of her dress. The cotton fabric fell open, and she could feel the sun, filtered by the leaves, on her bare skin.


mar said...

Nice!!! You are making me recall my youth!! haha!

Erobintica said...

Hi Mar! That was written 18 years ago, so it's recalling my youth too. ;-)

Cora Zane said...

Wonderful excerpt! And a gorgeous picture too. :)

Erobintica said...

Thanks Cora. Yeah, wish I were up there now.