Monday, August 3, 2009

So what did you do this weekend?

After my meltdown last week, I'd decided to leave my laptop behind when my husband and I went away to Maine for the weekend. Of course, he took his, and I did peek at email and blogs, but I really did a little bit of writing in my notebooks.

We tried to get an early start on Friday, before the rain hit. But. We had a wee bit of a technical difficulty about an hour and a half into the trip (on the Mass Pike) and the rain caught up with us. So, I sat and wrote a very short story and then finished reading a book I had along with me. We then got going again (basically lost 2 hours) and drove the rest of the way in the rain.

Along the way...

both the Springsteen and Aretha songs were going through my head at a gas station in Kittery.

North of Portland pulled into a rest stop at the same time as a van of a Quiverfull family (their license plate gave them away - ha - my husband thought it had something to do with archery at first). I rushed in ahead of the tide. I'm not sure how many kids they had, but it was at least 8.

Once we left the freeway it wasn't raining as hard. We got to our destination and checked in, then went for dinner. I had a lobster roll and a glass of white zin. Then for dessert I had a piece of homemade blueberry pie while this song was playing.

As we drove back to the motel, there was a spectacular sunset over the mountains. I tried to get it with my phone's camera, but I didn't have enough memory.

It wasn't the best of days, but let's just say it ended well.

Saturday morning dawned clear and beautiful. I wandered down to the lake while waiting for hubby to check his email.

We stopped and got gas for the chainsaw and picked up some breakfast and headed up to "our land" for a day of cutting wood and hauling sticks. But first we got to sit here for a bit. Usually at this time of year the waterfall is not this vigorous. It's been wetter than usual this summer.

We worked hard and got sweaty and tired. I got cranky. Very cranky. Part of the reason is that we are up there so infrequently and for such a short duration of time, that all we do is work and there isn't time to play.

Oh, and I've decided to change the location of my writing cabin (still in the planning stages) because of a number of factors. I'll talk more about that another time.

Our trip home on Sunday was uneventful (thankfully) and we got home last night about 9:30pm. Long tiring weekend. I don't feel like I got much accomplished. Today I'm doing laundry and then will head into NYC for a workshop. Yesterday tromping through woods, today through the city. It's a strange life.

I'm still in a weird place mentally. Maybe I just need a little space to not do anything in and that's certainly not going to happen any time soon.

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