Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Might be quiet this week

This is the last full week of "summer vacation" before my son starts back to school and we have to move our daughter back to college and I am so fucking far behind on so many things that I think it's best if I keep my blog posts short and sweet. Though they may be a little sweaty too. But I think I should save my long, rambling ones for September. If you're wanting to read more, hit the archives. I've been doing this since last December.


Danielle said...

ah..so soon you ll be back? thanx for hitting my blog with lovely comments out from the wild..:-)

Erobintica said...

Well, I am back. Yeah, it was very short - just a couple of days. And we weren't in the wilds, we were in Washington DC (well, at least not wild the way I think of wild).