Saturday, August 22, 2009

P.S. Haven is a Salty Dog - Spicy Summer Sundays

Today is P.S. Haven's salty turn at the Spicy Summer Sundays blog tour! He's tickling our fancy with a mouthwatering pickle recipe. I've never made pickles myself, but I'm sorely tempted to try this recipe.

Since "salty dog" means (among other things) "libidinous male," as soon as I heard that Haven was doing salt, I thought of this here song. Because Haven is definitely libidinous. Duh. We all are! So here's some vids. We got some Procol Harum and then some Flogging Molly (with some lovely Jack Sparrow footage).

Then our Haven has an incredible amount of reading material for us, including a brand spanking new one just for our Spicy Summer Sundays! In all that, he reveals his obsession and asks about ours. But I'm not even giving a hint, you have to go read.
So head over to Haven's blog - Faster, Baby - that is if you're looking for a salt lick.

And since one of the things I'm obsessed about is just weird stuff, here's a video that is definitely in the weird column. Takes me back.


Craig Sorensen said...

Hey Robin,

Thanks for posting Procol Harem's "Salty Dog." That's been running in my mind too with the knowledge that salt was on the menu.

Oh, and that is definitely an awesome "weird stuff" song. Gotta love the nasty nurse!

Danielle said... of lovers!!! i remember dancing to this tune in our kids club disco in school..i was

P.S. Haven said...

Thanks for the shout, Robin! I am a salty dawg, indeed.

Erobintica said...

Thought you'd like that Craig.

And Danielle - a mere babe in the woods. I'm too tired to do the math.

And dear Mr. Haven, you're most welcome.