Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Grand Spicy Summer Sunday Finale!

As summer draws to a close and autumn drops hints of it's soon-to-be arrival, the Spicy Summer Sundays Blog tour concludes at the blog of Danielle de Santiago. In the tradition of preserving the bounty of summer, he's preparing chutneys, oils, and vinegars with some of the same spices we've touched on this summer. And even though I just ate dinner, my mouth was watering reading the recipes. So head over - I swear I can smell the bubbling chutney through my computer.

It's been a wonderful summer full of delightful food and wonderful discussion. Going back in time...

Emerald pleased us with poppy seeds in a delicious summer salad.
Scarlett Greyson showed us a good thyme.
Gina Marie did not make cinnamon toast.
Neve Black got all cilantro on us.
And Donna George Storey started off the summer with a number of spicy numbers.

So thank you Donna and Marina for putting this wonderful tour together. It's been quite a summer!

Now, if you haven't already, head over to Danielle's!


Danielle said...

It's been a wonderful summer full of delightful food and wonderful discussion...

thats so true robin!!! i cant wait for autumn to see how it will inspire all of us to new subjects and discussions...:-)

thank you for posting this..:-)

Danielle said...

and i also added a little contest..dont miss it..:-)

Donna said...

Robin, I hadn't really made that direct connection that chutney preserves the bounty of summer, which makes Danielle's party all the more wonderful (although I didn't think there was anyway it could be more amazing than it already is!)

Thanks for this round up. We definitely cooked up some yummy stuff this summer.

Emerald said...

This is such a lovely summary, Robin. :) Thanks!

Erobintica said...

Hey, thanks everyone for stopping by - ah yes, the changing seasons are foremost in my mind right now.