Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Like Camping!

Again an update! I am having a wonderful day! If I have time I'll post more later.

Update update: I got to sleep in so just up now at 10am. It's sunny and breezy so no need of the air conditioner which guess what? Is working fine - it apparently is on the same circuit breaker as the well (or at least it seems so - we're hoping the circuits weren't mislabeled and hubby did all the work on a live circuit with just the switch to the power turned off! So, no HVAC folks need to be called. We have water, and I'm hoping no leaky connections.

Update: Yay! It's 3am and we just finished the job. There were some leaks that we had to figure out, but we figured them out.

We're without water (no flushing toilets or running water for doing dishes) and the air conditioner is not working. Luckily the weather is pleasant. I noticed earlier today that it didn't kick on when the sun started beating on the house in the afternoon. Right now we'll worry about that tomorrow (it's central air and is tied in with our heating and hot water so maybe the fact that all the water drained out of the boiler flipped some SYSTEM IS FUCKED UP switch and once the rest is fixed we'll be okay. Otherwise we'll have to call the HVAC guy. We were do for a service call anyway - we'd just been holding out because of the fact it costs money.

At least we have electricity (goes to knock wood) - so I fixed tacos. Only the tortillas I bought were all broken when they came out of the package so I fried them up and we had tortilla chips and taco salad. And my husband is back to the big box hardware place because they didn't give him all the parts he needed when he was there getting everything he needed.

I washed dishes camping style and then threatened everyone with dire consequences if they dirty any more. Not being able to flush toilets is going to get old real fast (I know I know, I'm grossing you out).

Oh, by the way, that picture above was taken last year on our anniversary - yeah, we camped. I like camping. Honestly.

With everything that's been going wrong the past week (it was last Friday that hubby's truck broke down on the Mass Pike) I'm beginning to think we might have to make a sacrifice or something. I tried to find that scene from Help! when they're going to sacrifice Ringo, but couldn't, so here's the trailer - I gotta get me that on DVD. I remember standing in line to see that as a kid in Philadelphia. It was one of those movies that was formative. So, hopefully things will start looking up soon. I'm in a surprisingly good mood. Weird. I expect a medal for this - or something better. ;-)


Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow, that really sucks—I'm so sorry, Robin!

Remember, if you call the HVAC people and it's Victor Spinetti and Roy Kinnear who show up, ask for a different crew.

Erobintica said...

Jeremy - all seems better this morning - though I've yet to go downstairs.

So no need to call the HVAC folks. Whew. ;-)

Danielle said...

oh robin..the problems really suck..but still..the fact that you are out so..exiting???..well for me it is since i never was camping in my whole life...even though i LOVE beeing outside and in the nature...

that pic is just ├╝bercool!!!