Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kilts & castles & truffles & kilts!


to the blog of Nikki Magennis. Served by a roaring fire in the hall at Comeagain castle. Oh, yes, and the gentlemen  are wearing kilts! 

There's poetry, coffee, Balvenie, cherry truffles ... oh, and yes, men in kilts! Did I mention that?

What a lovely finish for the progressive blog feast - and what a feast it's been. Thank you Donna George Storey and Kirsten Monroe for planning this.

Oh, and since Sommer Marsden had lovely Liam on her list yesterday - looky what I found!
Notice my clever placement of text below Liam's kilt - anyone want to snuffle for truffles?

That's not my photo, damn it! Oh well. 


Nikki Magennis said...

Hi, this is your friendly kilt-checker here!

Erobintica - would you mind holding Mr Neeson's petit fours while I do the deeds?


Erobintica said...

I'd be happy to hold his petit fours. Is everything in order?

Neve Black said...

You're funny. I think I see a man with a kilt in your future. :-)

Smut Girl said...

oh my. where has he been all my life. my man is Scottish. Note to self: buy him a kilt...

Erobintica said...

As soon as the economy turns around I'm getting my husband one of these - he knows I like kilts - though he may only wear it in private. Too bad they're pricey. Hmmm. I haven't checked eBay though.

Nikki Magennis said...

Yes, it all looks fine, Erobintica. Could maybe use a little spit and polish, is all ...

Donna said...

Lovely, E-Robin. This really evokes the right image for an eroticists' Scottish castle feast. Sommer, my guy is of Scottish heritage, too, and he has great legs. It obviously runs in the blood to wear these things.