Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sweet Fantasies

Salty and sweet, crunchy and smooth.

Life is short, eat dessert first!  

Well, over at Sommer Marsden's , she's serving us a trio of desserts. Along with some lovely Sauternes to loosen our tongues and get us to reveal who is on our fantasy fuck list. We all have lists, right?

How am I supposed to concentrate now?!  Good thing today is a writing day.  ;-)

Yes, that picture above is part of my extensive cake porn collection - I like to take pictures of my cakes to gaze at long after the last spot of icing has been licked off fingers.


Marina said...

Oh my, does that look delicious! That is one very sexy, seductive cake!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Good God, I love you. Did you make that sexy beast of a cake?

Erobintica said...

It's one of a never-ending series of variations on a Black Forest cake. I did make that, though I think I had some help from one of my daughters. It was a long time ago - 2 1/2 years - how am I supposed to remember? That's why I take pictures, hahaha. But looking at the date in my files I'd say it was for my oldest daughter's boyfriend's birthday (he likes Black Forest cakes).

In a few days when we're all jonesing for more to eat, maybe I'll post a couple more cake porn shots.

Emerald said...

What an amazing-looking cake!! Wow! Great picture -- it looks seriously mouth-watering.