Saturday, December 4, 2010

There's a first time for everything.

Just before I left to drive down to Philadelphia for my reading at The Erotic Literary Salon (see blog post about that here), I got my very first email asking if I'd be interested in reviewing a sex for  TheirToys. The timing couldn't have been more timely. I was in a brave state of mind, and upon consulting my husband, who is amazingly supportive of my erotic endeavors (well, most of them, anyway),  I said yes. So begins this foray into Adult Toys.

Now let me explain something. Even though I write erotica (among other things), until VERY recently (say...last month?) I had never purchased or used an "official" sex toy. Wow, I  heard that shocked inhale of breath from here! Yeah, I'm from that generation that came of age long before the internet made it so easy. Thank Eros! You youngsters are so lucky.

So, November was a month of firsts for me. First erotic poetry reading, first sex toy purchase, first sex toy to review. So, after some back and forth, with me explaining my ... inexperience, I was offered three toys to choose from; a bullet vibe, and two different sets of handcuffs. Having just gotten one of those cute little vibes with my first ever purchase only a couple of weeks before, I chose the Fetish Fantasy Series Ultra Cuff Set.

Now, it may seem to be quite the leap going from no sex toys to bondage toys in the course of less than a month, but I've been perusing online catalogs for quite some time. It's just taken me a bit to finally take the plunge. We'd been intrigued with bondage for some time, but hey, we move slow.

Anyhow, on to the review. And this is gonna seem a little weird, since I'll be talking about my actual sex life in more detail than I'm used to "in public." But what the hell. I honestly believe it does no one any good to keep the topic of real sex hushed (there's a ton of fake sex in front of us all the time).

After being amused by the packaging (seen at right above), I took the cuffs out and looked at them. They looked fairly simple and not too intimidating. It would be a few days before we had the opportunity to use them (we went out-of-town for Thanksgiving). When we got around to trying them, we were a bit giggly at first, being new to this kind of thing.

They're velcro, which allows you to fit them as tight as you want, though I have small wrists and there was some loose velcro, though it didn't get in the way (any longer and it would have). They appear to be able to adjust to accommodate much larger wrists and/or ankles. They were quite comfortable. And the buckle is easy to operate (I think I might have been a little hesitant if they had actually locked - remember, I'm new at this). Now, we just attached the cuffs to each other, but you could attach them to something else, if you had the proper connectors (there's one clasp, you might need another to use the cuffs separately (say to different bed posts - which we don't have).

It was very interesting being restrained. The buckle made it quick to switch from hands together in front, to behind my back. Not being able to use my hands at all was both a turn-on and frustrating. And judging from my husband's response, despite his claims that they didn't do all that much for him, they did bring a new dynamic into our fucking. Oh, and we used the other toys I'd gotten previously. Which was nice. So I'd say our first foray into bondage was a success.

 I'm not only looking forward to using them again, but I can't wait to try them on him.

*and yes, TheirToys gave me this product free, as thanks for letting you know about their site and this product.


Jo said...

I love your photo! The rug and everything!

The timely timing is cool, and the product sounds tempting too :)

Kam said...

A pleasant but very "tame" review: I would like more detail about what the sex toy actually allowed for or prevented: since this is your first foray into toys, some "regular" activities (things you often do while engaging in sex) must have been different - I would appreciate descriptions of those (and third person is fine; if it's difficult to write about yourself engaging in sex).

Erobintica said...

Jo, that's not a rug, that's my bedspread. And thanks. That's one thing I like to do, is use "real" photos.

Kam, the review is tame because our first use of the cuffs was pretty tame too. I realized that we'll actually need to use them a few times and in various ways to really get a feel for how they influence our activities. I realized I'll have no trouble writing about myself engaging in sex - hell, I've done it in poetry for years - but it is going to require more thought than a written-late-at-night review allows for. But thanks for your questions, they give me areas to focus on.

Emerald said...

Thanks for your willingness to provide a sincere and straightforward review—I found it, due to (what I experienced as) these aspects, very interesting to read.

I also loved this line: "I honestly believe it does no one any good to keep the topic of real sex hushed (there's a ton of fake sex in front of us all the time)."


Emerald said...

And oh how cute, I just noticed the little elephants in the background on your bedspread! :)

Erobintica said...

Thanks Em. It was a trip and a half to go through the process from first getting the offer to posting this.

And yeah, us and our hippie bedspreads. ;)

Jo said...

Oops! I just saw persian rug, but now I see elephant bedspread!

Must wear glasses more often*