Sunday, December 26, 2010


Though there's only about an inch of snow outside, daylight is almost gone and the wind's picking up. We're supposed to have a blizzard tonight. I like weather. Like to be reminded that there are forces that I have  no control over. The power may go out. But we have candles and wood for the woodstove and plenty of food. We have books and blankets. There are always things to do when the lights go out. 

I always get kinda turned on when it's stormy. Not sure why. The weather prognosticators always are shouting "danger danger." But I think I like being thrown back into a world where nothing is there at the flip of a switch. I feel "at home." Think I may write a bit this evening. And I'm looking forward to snuggling under blankets. 


Danielle said...

ah..that snow everywhere..we ll have a blizzard too..soon more and more snow..its snowing since weeks..sigh*

Erobintica said...

it is winter! ;)