Tuesday, October 6, 2009


These days I definitely am feeling my way through a crossroads. Just maneuvering on instinct. It's coming up on the one-year anniversary of some significant events in my life. Starting this blog (in December 2008) was one of them. The loss of a friend was another. The beginning of a friendship, another. And that friend would also be lost. The continued strengthening of a connection with an old friend was also happening. And continues. I sometimes worry about losing him too.

I came back from the weekend to find another rejection in my inbox. This means that all the stories I'd submitted (granted not many) have been rejected. I have nothing out there right now. Yes, I am disheartened. Mainly because I don't believe I'm bringing all of myself to my writing. I need to do that, but it's damn scary. But that is not going to stop me. I can feel that in my gut. I'm not on a freeway, I'm on a pot-holed, rutted, overgrown back road. With no map. So, I'm gonna get out and walk for a bit. I'll keep posting - not sure what - I'm thinking on that.


Scarlett Greyson said...

Sometimes instinct is the best guidance we have, especially when at critical points like crossroads.

It is scary to devote yourself to writing, but when you do...when yo do, it will be glorious. Yes, frightening, like standing in the ocean's breakers, feeling its power surge around you, but exhilerating as well.

We're here, Robin. Write what you will, and we will read it ;)


Anonymous said...

That was a good place to pull over and enjoy the woods a little.

That's a good plan anyway, pull over more often!

Danielle said...

hey robin...dont give up..i know you dont but..i just wanna make sure you dont...we all get rejections...but that dont means anything..when i get a rejection i just send the piece out again..immediately...i think that neither my story nor the editor is wrong..i believe its just the wrong editor for my story..i ll send it out again..because somewhere my baby finds a home..someone is going to love it...

word is: oultio which is literary speech and means: damned girl..send that story out again!!!

Craig Sorensen said...

I could tell you tales of my early rejections, but I'd bore you.

Let me just chime in with Scarlett. I know that you know what it means to bring it all, and when you're ready, it will be glorious.

Danielle's advice to send out again is good too.

Even though it was form rejection I once got, I always liked this: Not every pearl matches the strand.

T. Harrison said...

You know I feel your pain, Robin. Last week was full of rejections for me. I submitted another round on Sunday. At this point I'm like fuck it. Somebody has to take it somewhere SOMETIME! It can't be that CRAPPY!

Keep your chin up, chica.

Erobintica said...

Hey everyone - thanks. Sorry I've been so quiet - I'm actually quite swamped with "real life" work (my other writing persona) and I keep finding myself being pulled in more than one direction. It's kinda strange to have all these thoughts in my head an no time to spit them out. Arrrrrggggghhhhh. Feast or Famine, huh?

Emerald said...

:: Big hug ::

neve black said...

Oh, Robin. Hang in there. I can't think of one writer I know (seasoned and non-seasoned) that doesn't get rejected sometimes, or receive a slew of them before finally turning that acceptance corner.

I know you're a smart, talented woman with a burning passion in her heart to write. You will write regardless, and that's what's most important. *if that at all sounded condescending, it wasn't meant to*

Sending you a big warm and loving hug.