Saturday, October 24, 2009

Arousing Euphemisms, Part 1

This morning my horrorscope told me to "use euphemisms" and I went aha - I know what I'll do for a blog post today! So I whipped out one of my favorite thesauri, The Bald-Headed Hermit and the Artichoke, and started pondering which word/or words to euphemize. Hmm, guess that's not a word. Oh well.

So, while thumbing through, occasionally being distracted by one of the lovely old naughty pictures they use to illustrate with, I found my word. And it is definitely my word. It is definitely one of my favorite conditions to be in. There are a lot of emphemisms, so I'm going to pick out some for today from the this word and then on subsequent days hit the see alsos.

Aroused (see, Lust, Promiscuous, Wet)

accensus libidine - okay, I had to google this one - it's latin, possibly for "inflamed by lust" - sounds good.
begging for it
chucking a spread (hahaha)
cocksmitten  (I like this one)
cuntstruck (this too)
dripping for it
feeling fuzzy
feeling the power of the pussy
fuckish (I like this one too - "I'm feeling a bit fuckish tonight dear")
EGYPT (eager to grap your pretty tits - what a hysterica acronym - I will now giggle everytime I hear the word)
getting juiced up
having hot nuts
having hot rocks
having an itch
having peas in the pot
hawking one's mutton
horn mad
horny as a rhino
hot in the biscuit
in a lather
in heat
intemperant (this is the second time I've come across this word this week and it always gets the red squiggly line treatment even though it is a word)
lathered up
lust proud
maris appentens
NORWICH (another acronym - (k)nickers off when I come home - according to this English soldiers used this in letters to their sweehearts during the war)
on the make
on the prowl
randy as a three-legged grasshopper (and that's pretty randy)
ready to rut
sexed up
suffering from lackanookie (ha!)
tumbling ripe
turned on (duh)
weak in the knees
worked up
and sadly, last on the list (sorry for the earworm all you folks of a certain age)
yummy in the tummy

So, that's not the entire list. Does anyone have an good ones that they like to use?


Donna said...

I'm still taking it all in--what a list! Hawking the mutton, that's a new one, and strangely evocative, lol.

Erobintica said...

Yeah, that one was definitely good - I kept thinking Dickens. ;-)

Craig Sorensen said...

I love that book. What a great list!

Janine Ashbless said...

Ooh, I like "tumbling ripe"! Great post.

Erobintica said...

Hi Craig & Janine - yeah, reading this book makes me realize how much I find words enticing. And I'm just dying to use the word "fuckish" in a poem. As well as accensus libidine and tumbling ripe (yup, Janine, that's definitely and evocative phrase).

I think "Lust" will be next - though it's a shorter list. Hmmmm.

Emerald said...

"Cocksmitten" and the quote you supplied for "fuckish" made me laugh out loud!

Thanks for sharing this! :)

Scarlett Greyson said...

A little late to the party here! I started reading these Saturday morning then Mom woke up ;)

I know I use frisky and feeling frisky(in the way of "I'm feeling frisky tonight and hoping your name's Frisky"...guaranteed to get a chuckle from MR.G) heat, insatiable...yup...

I like feeling ripe too...just begs for more imagery of swollen, ready flesh...

P.S. Haven said...

"Cocksmitten"!! "Cuntstruck"!!
Fuck yeah. How awesome is that?