Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Fiction 5: E is for Erratic

Even though she wasn't from here, she belonged here. The woods were quiet in that not-so-quiet way she liked. Leaves rustling in the breeze. Songbirds chirping in the treetops and woodpeckers knocking away at snags. Chipmunks scurrying. Water burbling over stones. Her breathing as she hiked down the hill. Her heart beating.

It was a warm day, and the sun beckoned her to allow it's gaze as she reached the spot she'd been looking for. A giant boulder, bigger than two of her cars, sitting where it had been dropped by a glacier oh-so-many eons ago. She had to walk around to the other side in order to climb it.

But before she did, she answered the sun's request. Boots left her feet, as did socks. Her jeans unzipped and slid down her legs. Her t-shirt pulled itself over her head. Her bra and panties retired to the soft ground. She felt a slight chill, as the breeze brushed over the little bit of sweat that had been gathered on the way there.

On top of the boulder, in a patch of sun that warmed the stone, she first sat, then lay back, looking up through the trees at the sky. There, naked, she let her senses relax and become nature again. The warmth played across her breasts, down her belly, then urged her legs apart. The breeze touched her gently at first, making her hips undulate as her body welcomed the erotic wind.

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