Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick Fiction 2: B is for Blindfolded

Waiting by Randy Lagana
B is for Blindfolded

Yup, I should've known that we wouldn't see eye-to-eye on this. There was a time when I never would have had the nerve to mention it. When you wouldn't' have known what was going through my mind at all. They say "love is blind," but what they really should say is that love is a blindfold.

We kept each other in the dark. Both afraid to admit to those twisty little thoughts we were sure would send the other running. Bumping around, bruising shins and knocking over breakables, that's how we managed for a long time. But one day I got tired of the stubbed toes and decided I wanted to see for a change. What point is the world if one never comes out from behind the mask?

"Here," I said, "let's take these off and see what difference it makes." Yeah, I was scared. Who wouldn't be? It's one thing to walk off the cliff by accident, and another to jump with eyes open. You know I'm scared of heights, get nervous just climbing a ladder. Yet, I love looking down from skyscrapers, planes.

For some inexplicable reason, after so many years, I needed to be able to see me for who I really am. And I couldn't do that without looking at myself. And yeah, I could have just taken my blindfold off, and left you to keep yours on. But what would be the fun in that?

We can still take a scarf and wrap it around, tie it snuggly behind our head. We can still close our eyes and touch.

*Part of Shanna Germain's quick fiction challenge for the rest of the month


Craig Sorensen said...

I like it. Nice.

Erobintica said...

Thanks Craig. When I decided to accept Shanna's challenge, I gave myself no restrictions other than the alphabet one and the 20 minutes one. It will be very interesting to see what this alphabet turns out to be.

Kam said...

A very interesting way to look at connection - it reminded of the difference of looking into someobe's eyes when you're trying to connect, or hiding you face in their shoulder...

Erobintica said...

both equally valid methods of connection and just two amongst myriad ways.

and it's going to be interesting to see how folks connect (or don't) to what I write, because it's just unconscious brain upchucks that I'll be writing - spinning off the letter of the alphabet - and the first word that comes to mind - in this case blindfolded - who knows what today's C word will be. I'm not thinking about it till I actually sit down to write.