Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Fiction 3: C is for Cup

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C is for Cup

All she wanted to do was go to bed. She was tired and just wanted to escape into sleep. But something was nagging at her. Something she needed to do. Something she'd promised herself.

She stood at the kitchen counter and began the ritual. She poured the beans into the grinder, plugged it in, then hit the button and covered her ears as the beans screamed their protestations. She would measure the coffee, tamp it down. Unscrew the lid and pour in water. Tighten the lid as much as her weak wrists could manage.

Into a small pan, she'd spoon some unsweetened cocoa powder while she ran water in the sink till it was hot. A small splash and she'd stir the cocoa till it was dissolved, then place it on the stove. She'd fill the cups with hot water to warm their porcelain.

The plug to the espresso maker would find it's outlet, and she would tip the switch, making sure the little red light came on, because all to often she plugged the wrong cord in and wondered why she didn't hear the steaming.

When the wetted cocoa powder started bubbling, she'd stir it well, then pour milk into the pan, add a few drops of sweetener and then stir. She had it timed just so. The cocoa would be hot just as the espresso maker stopped hissing.

In the meantime, she would pour heavy jersey cream into a small bowl, add a splash of sweetener, and with an old-fashioned egg beater, whip the cream. While stirring and waiting for the cocoa to be hot, constantly testing to make sure the liquid was almost scalding, she would dip a small spoon into the soft cream, and let the buttery texture melt on her tongue. Over and over again.

Soon the hissing would stop, and she would combine the two liquids, stir and pour them into the warm, waiting cups. With a large spoon she would ladle the whipped cream onto the steaming surface, then sprinkle a small bit of cinnamon on hers.

After delivering the other cup, she'd sit, knees tucked, sip the elixir, feel it warm her.
Soon she'd tuck herself into bed, maybe to dream of a cup filled.

*For Shanna's Quick Fiction challenge. Oh, I'm lazy tonight. Not not not wanting to do this. But I did.

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