Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Poetry Catch Up: Day 14 through Day 16 poems

This isn't too hard to do if you do it everyday. But once you start getting behind? It all falls apart. So now to catch up.  I'm going to do this in order from oldest to newest, in the same manner as I've done them.

Shadows: Day 14 Poem  (this day was Poem in your pocket day - I carried this one in my heart only)

Still Wall

Awake before dawn, still sleepy, gaze
held by patterns on the wall. Streetlamp's
glow paints itself into a corner, its amber
traps this moment, quiet but for early birds
and waking city sounds. This light is still,
unlike that of sun or moon with their cycles,
their travels. Dark angles are shadows of night
windows, their panes warmer against the wall
than against the grey, real world of morn.
While I stare at the lines that crisscross the wall,
poem words come to me, and in hope of remembering,
pull my camera from my bag, take a picture.

she wants to fold into him
like the warm, gold light folds
into the wall, so close as to be one

Weeks later, I still cannot write that poem.
Others are written while this image burns
itself into my mind's retina. I want to write
the truth of it, but what is real? The light?
The shadow? The wall? None of it?

Motion: Day 15 Poem  (this day's prompt was to use the words kinetic, tendril, embolden, blossom).


We are all kinetic energy: trapped, tapped,
tormented, vibrating particles of want.

This tendril climbs, hangs, tangles, sways,
wraps around our bodies, holds us tight.

I embolden me, saying move forward, look,
experience the world for it is fleeting.

There is only looking-forward-to, since it seems
I will not blossom until it's almost time to fade.

Pwoermd: Day 16 Poem  (you have to read the prompt here to understand)


Well, that's all for today. I'm working on the Day 17 poem, but am having to quit to get ready for other activities. I think one of the contributing factors to my current "block" when it comes to writing things I need to write (blog posts, fiction submissions, reviews, etc.) is that I got behind on these poem prompts. So, if I can just get caught up, I'll be doing okay. Yeah, right!

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