Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Always something missing: Day 12 Poem

I missed Days 10 & 11, but plan on getting caught up this afternoon. I decided to start with today's prompt at Not Without Poetry from Gina Williams, which needed the last line of a favorite song, the main spice or ingredient in a favorite dish, and a geologic form. So, of course I had to do this one first (rather than the previous prompts). Any excuse to use geology in my poems! Thanks Gina!

I can't say I have A favorite song, but one of my longest-lived favorites is the Beatles tune In My Life. Go watch/listen. It's hard for me to hear that and not get choked up. So, I grabbed the last line, "in my life I love you more." Then a favorite dish. Tacos! Well-loved around our household and usually made by my husband. Maybe that's why I like them so much. And then ... geology! One theme I return to again and again in my poetry is the stuff that's missing, so I immediately went for the term unconformity, not the least reason being it's many layers of meaning. Unfortunately, thanks to Blogger, I can't get the formatting right in the second stanza. Oh well.

Triad of Meaning

Meat sizzles in cast iron, seasoned
with salt, pepper, and chili powder,
the hot kind, liberally sprinkled, stirred
in with chopped onions and green chiles.
I can never get it right, the flavor always
just a little off from how everyone likes it.
That's what happens when you don't measure.

One past is measured against another past, found wanting. Something
missing. But something is always missing. Layers deposited, removed,
deposited, removed, deposited. Nothing stays the same. Where we
meet always changes. Close, yet separate. Never quite right. But just right.

In my life. Places. Remember. Gone. Remain. Changed.
I love you. Friends. Lovers. Memories. Meaning.
More. Accept the unconformity. Pass the salsa.


Anonymous said...

Great poem, Robin. Some gems of wisdom in there...
"Never quite right. But just right...Accept the Unconformity" quite true.

Gina Marie said...

Your layers give me goosebumps! Wow!!!!!!

Emerald said...

Beautiful, Robin.

Erobintica said...

Thanks. Right now I want to argue with all of you and say this is pure crap. But what do I know?