Friday, April 1, 2011

Hard to understand: Day almost 1 Poem


my complications, contradictions, those convoluted
thoughts that drive me, make me who I am, who you love

that I've decided to stop fighting myself, stop the struggle
against my nature, allow myself to be happy with my self

how much I love you, and how often I wonder
what it is
that makes what we have, something

something that makes both of us see that despite
our many
faults and failings, we will continue, because we both
try to understand

This isn't the official poem-a-day poem. I'll write that one (from the prompt) later. It's a little after midnight on April 1, and this is my first poem of the month. I admit that it started forming in my mind a few hours ago, while I drove. I'm heading to a conference that I'm pretty sure my husband thinks is a little weird, but because he knows me, I think he understands why it's important to me. And for some reason, that just warmed my heart as I drove through the rain. Earlier today, someone spilled guts all over his morning. This person is getting divorced, and it's not going to be pretty. At one point we just leaned against each other, quietly treasuring what we have. I know that I'm not a paragon of virtue. But what I hold in my heart, I will never let go of. 

And as for "April Fools" - I say fuck that! Let's have some April Truth!