Monday, May 3, 2010

Nothing like...

having mid-July land in early May's lap. My brain is like steamed mush. Three days ago it was still getting down to thirty degrees at night. Five days ago it only got up to forty-six. When it does this kind of jump, my body can't adjust and I actually have trouble thinking. Anyone else notice that?

I was wanting to try and write an erotic poem every day this month. I have not written one. I've not written much of anything. Today I'm preparing for my spot on the Please Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission virtual book tour, which is tomorrow. Still not completely sure what I'm going to do for that, so stop in tomorrow. And no, I'm not in the book. I didn't even submit to it because the call came while I was really not submitting anything (I've already had my butt kicked over my lack of submission - ha!). But I did volunteer for the book tour because there's some great stories in it.

So, return tomorrow.

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