Thursday, February 4, 2010


On a day when there has been too much unwanted stress, I found something that made me smile. Over at Susie Bright's Journal, she is having "Dirty Haiku Day" - and there are some priceless gems of abbreviated kinky poetry. She's giving away an autographed deck of her Dare Cards. She'd got her work cut out for her  picking one - there are some great ones - Tsaurah Litzky has my vote (even though I don't get one). And yeah, I entered one of my favorites - I wrote it years ago and then revised today - hahaha. I call the ones I write - haikinkies.

If you have something in the 5-7-5 poem category laying around - or just want to try your hand, you have until tomorrow (Friday) morning.


Evelyn Applegate said...

Cute! I love the term "Haikinki"!

Erobintica said...

Hi Evelyn - welcome! Think I need to write some more of those.